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Adam Ingram-Goble

Arizona State University
Director of Innovations
Scottsdale, Arizona
Dr. Adam Ingram-Goble, is the Director of Innovations at Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact. He received his B.S. in Physics from Haverford College, his M.S. in Computer Science from Portland State University, and his Ph.D. in Learning Sciences with a minor in Computer Science from Indiana University-Bloomington. For the last decade, Ingram-Goble has led the design of educational technologies and game-based platforms to support children’s learning around logic, mathematics, and computational thinking including The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis(™) and The Quest Atlantis Project with a particular focus on scaling technological innovations to broaden participation in STEM fields. His work includes designing game-based formative assessments that apply Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) framework and provide real-time actionable data to teachers and students about student learning. His current research interests center on the design of and implementation contexts for end-user content creation and publishing tools, and their integration and support in communities that support the growth of creative and critical dispositions.