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University of New Mexico
Associate Professor
University of New Mexico
Christopher Holden is an Associate Professor at the Honors College of the University of New Mexico. His PhD is in number theory, but his current research focuses on place based game design for learning. He has been doing this since 2006, originally using MIT’s Outdoor AR Engine. He was the first outside user of ARIS; in 2009 he and Julie Sykes produced and used Mentira, a murder mystery for Spanish language students at UNM. Shortly thereafter, he joined the ARIS design team, and has been a very visible member of the community. He has probably made more ARIS experiences (games, stories, field research tools, etc.) than anyone else as he continues to investigate the educational possibilities of this new medium. Chris teaches classes involving mobile game design, and directs the Local Games Lab ABQ, a fancy name for supporting and collaborating with unfunded faculty, students, and community members to make games and other interactive experiences to develop new forms of meaning within their local natural, cultural, and educational environments.

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, June 10

8:30am CDT

Wednesday, June 11

5:00pm CDT

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Thursday, June 12

2:30pm CDT