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Elizabeth Owen

Learning Data Discovery
Learning Data Scientist
Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Owen holds a PhD in Digital Media (School of Education) from UW-Madison, focused on game-based learning analytics. Currently the Director of Learning and Data Science at Age of Learning, she's committed to optimizing adaptive learning systems through applied machine learning. Previously a researcher and data scientist with GlassLab Games (EA campus), LRNG, and Metacog, her doctoral work is rooted at the Games+Learning+Society Center (GLS). Elizabeth came to graduate school after helping underserved populations as a teacher in Los Angeles for 10 years. After experiencing success with simulation-based, computer-supported instruction – and seeing the strong impact of assessment on student self-efficacy and learning – she set out to make an impact through doctoral research in data-driven design of adaptive learning worlds. Recent projects include:

• Data-driven learning game design with GlassLab Games (as researcher & data scientist)
• Educational Data Mining research/design with Metacog, Inc. and Dr. Ryan Baker
• ADAGE (a GLS game-based assessment framework)
• Tenacity (a GLS collaboration with Dr. Richard Davidson’s Affective Neuroscience Lab)
• Progenitor X (a GLS regenerative biology game, created with the Wisc Institute for Discovery)
• Research team member in the Pop Cosmo lab (with Dr. Constance Steinkuehler, advisor)
• Complex Play Lab (with Dr. Matthew Berland), modeling game-based computational thinking with big data analytics